Creation Financial Services Limited is a part of BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK which was formerly known as LaSer UK. It consists of two companies, one Creation Financial Services Limited, and the other Creation Consumer Finance Limited operates from BNP Solihull and Belfast in this company. There are about 740 employees. The company provides a variety of facilities, including retail, household, insurance, entertainment, and leisure. Talking about the establishment of this company, it was done on 21 January 1973, whose founder is Daniel Ghinn.

In this blog particularly we will know about the information related to Creation Financial Services Limited like what kind of services are provided in it, and who can be eligible for those services, what are the benefits of those services, etc. And also we will discuss some more important points like loan rate, duration, etc. You will get all the information related to all these through this blog.

About creation finance

First of all we know that what kind of services are provided to you in creation finance, then here you get all kinds of finance facilities whether it is to buy a car or TV or whatever you want to buy, Creation Finance helps you to buy those things with some attractive interest rates that can be easily afforded by anyone, as well as you get the facility of credit card which you can take advantage of. To take advantage of the facility of creation finance, you have to follow some criteria, about which we will know further.

Criteria For creation financial services

To take advantage of the facility of finance, you have to give many types of information, on the basis of which you are provided with the facility of loan or credit card, the following information is given below:-

  • Details of any court judgments or bankruptcies in your name.
  • A record of current and past credit commitments (for example, credit cards, loans, mortgages) that you have held in the last six years.
  • Information from the electoral register.

If you want to take advantage of this, then you have to keep these criteria in mind, but if you think that a soft credit search will spoil your future credit rating, then it is not like that at all. Soft Credit Search does not affect your credit rating or your ability to obtain credit in the future and will not be viewed by any other lender.

  • This feature cannot be used to build credit rating.
  • You do not need any money to open an account.
  • Apart from the existing customers, other people can take advantage of this finance service.
  • Your age should be minimum 18 years to open an account.

Features of creation finance

Intro balance transfer

You will know intro balance transfer but if you do not know then basically some cards come with introductory balance transfer APR offer then when you transfer credit card debt to their card from an existing credit card then in such temporary promotional rate you may have to pay a low rate of interest.

Rate period9 months
Limited period90 days
Fee maxN/A
Annual interest0.00%
Fee min5.0%

Intro purchases

Intro purchases or introductory purchases mean that you will not be charged any interest on your purchases for a specified period as prescribed by your credit card company. To take advantage of this, your statements should have at least due to payments.

Annual interest 0.00%
Rate period3 months

Standard balance transfer

A balance transfer helps you from one credit card to another credit card through which you can pay your interest. A credit card balance transfer can help you reduce your overall cost. It helps you to clear your outstanding balance quickly and also helps you to reduce its outgoings.

Fee min£5
Fee maxN/A
Annual interest17.90%

Standard purchases

In this condition, the buyer specifies the quantity, price, and payment terms of the products being ordered. Purchase orders may come from previous orders, advertisements or offers from sellers or negotiations between the parties on price. and quantity.

Annual interest17.90%

Standard cash

It is a monetary system that has been determined by the government on the basis of its currency and which can also be used on other types of currencies.

Annual interest 22.90%

How To Get Help Of Creation Fiancial Services

In connection with any kind of problem or opening a new account, you can contact the given numbers.

  • Credit or Commerce Card, Personal Loan or Retail Financing, Your Schedule or Home Improvement Financing Agreement-0333 032 4221 *
  • Car Financing Agreement-0371 512 1985 *
  • Loan agreement for insurance premiums – visit our special support page or call 0371 376 9200 *

How To Apply

To take advantage of this facility, you can simply visit their official website –

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