google adsense As we know that there is a very best way to monetize your website and earn money but many people do not know about its last step due to which they have problem in making payment, so basically in this blog We are going to talk about how you can recieve payment through google adsense or how to transfer your payment to your bank account.
* What is the difference between AdSense Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Account

Earlier Adsense used to transfer the money earned by you through Check (issued by Citibank) to you. But now Google AdSense in India transfers the money earned from Adsense to your bank account through wire transfer. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment was added for the first time in August 2014. The money sent through Adsense gets converted into INR and gets updated in your bank.

How to Transfer AdSense Payment to Bank

The payout limit of Google AdSense is $100, that is, in the month your Adsense account will get paid more than $100, then you can withdraw that money. But to transfer this money to your bank account, you have to follow the process given below.

YouTube payment gets updated in Adsense between 10th to 15th of every month. Meaning if you have earned $ 30 from YouTube this month, then that money will show in Adsense within 10 to 15th of the next month. But the money you earn in blogging is updated daily in Adsense.

The month in which your Adsense will get paid above $100, only then send that money on 21st of that month and that money will be transferred to your bank account within 24th to 29th.

Before receiving payment, it is necessary to get the pin verification of Adsense done. When you get $10 in your Adsense account, then Google sends a pin to your given address, which you have to verify by entering it in Adsense.

The payment of Google Adsense will be transferred to your bank account only when you link your bank account with Adsense.

How to link your bank account with Adsense?

After following the steps given below, you can easily link your bank account with Google Adsense.

Note- Before starting this process, you should go to your bank and check your bank account. IFSC code And SWIFT code collect.

After collecting both these codes from the bank, you can add them to your Adsense account. Sign in do it.

– There will be a navigation panel on the left side of the Adsense account dashboard Payments Click on option.

Now a new page will open in front of you, where above will show your earning and below How you get paid The option of will appear as on the screenshot. here you ADD PAYMENT METHOD to click on.

How you get paid

– as soon as you ADD PAYMENT METHOD A form will open in front of you, as you can see below. Here you have to fill your bank details.

1- Enter your name as in the passbook of the bank.
2- Fill the name of the bank, that is, in which bank you have an account.
3- Enter IFSC code.
4- Enter the SWIFT BIC code. (Collect both these codes from the bank)
5- Fill the account number of the bank.
6- Re-type the account number.

After filling up these 6 bank details in this form, you SAVE Click on

Add Bank details in payment method

After completing this process, your bank account has been submitted to Google Adsense. As soon as you get $100 in your Adsense account, the money will automatically be transferred to your bank within 21st to 29th of every month.

If still there is no money transfer in your bank, then in that case you can contact your bank. Adsense will keep your payment on hold, and will send that money to you again on the 21st of the next month.

Out of the money you have earned, the bank will deduct your charges and update the entire money in your account.

Click below to see the whole process through video.

My first payment from Adsense was $107. Please tell in the comment how much payment you had withdrawn from Adsense for the first time.

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