You must have heard about ELSS Fund but if you have not heard and you want to invest in it, then this blog can be helpful for you because in this blog we have provided all the information related to ELSS Fund so that you can be clear that you should invest in it or not.


The full form of ELSS is :


Meaning of ELSS Fund

ELSS stands for Equity Linked Savings Scheme. ELSS Fund is similar to an ordinary equity mutual fund scheme.

The only difference is that ELSS has a lock-in of 3 years. This means that you cannot withdraw your investment before 3 years.

Also, you get a tax benefit of Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of Income Tax every financial year for investing in ELSS Fund.

Who should invest in ELSS Fund

Any HUF or individual can invest in ELSS. It is more beneficial for those who know about it. Can take the risk associated with it and stay in the investment for a long time.

Younger age investors can invest for a long time in ELSS funds. You can be happy to see your fund grow compounded, and take advantage of its unpredictable returns.

ELSS Fund Lock-in Period

ELSS funds have the shortest lock-in period among all types of savings schemes covered under Section 80C of Income Tax.

ELSS mature in the shortest period i.e. 3 years. The investor can withdraw his money anytime after that.

If you invest in ELSS through SIP, then each installment of the SIP is considered as a new investment.

Many investors have a perception that ELSS funds have a lock-in of 3 years from the date of first investment; but it’s not like that.

Every SIP installment is a new investment.

for example-

  • If you invest in ELSS Fund on 15th February 2021 aditya birla tax relief 96 fund If I buy a unit through SIP, then that unit will be locked for the next 3 years i.e. till 15th February 2024.
  • Similarly, the unit purchased next month i.e. on 15th March 2021 will be locked till 15th March 2024.

ELSS Fund Calculator

There is a tool that displays your ELSS Fund returns. It depends on your scheme and investment method. Like you have invested in Lump sum or invested through SIP.

This can be calculated by entering the investment amount, tenure and expected return % in the ELSS SIP calculator. ELSS SIP Calculator

Tax Benefits: ELSS Fund Tax Benefits

In an ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme, an individual or HUF can save up to Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

This means that Rs 1.5 lakh deposited in ELSS is deducted from your annual total income. In this way you can save a substantial amount in the form of income tax.

ELSS Fund Redemption (Payment Process)

In fact, there are as many tax saving investment options as possible. ELSS Fund is the only option with the shortest lock-in period (only 3 years) among them.

After the lock-in period of 3 years, you can redeem it, or get paid.

Now if you want to know whether these ELSS can be redeemed even within 3 years? So my answer would be – not at all. Because ELSS funds do not allow to receive payment before 3 years.

It is recommended by financial experts to invest for 5 to 7 years to get good returns from ELSS.

Redeem in odd situation

In case of exceptional circumstances like death of the investor, the nominee or legal heir can sell the investment only after 1 year from the date of allotment of the unit.

We can understand this in this way that if the investor dies after 5 months of buying the unit, then the nominee will get the unit at the same time. But he will have to wait for 7 months to sell the unit.

All those units get transferred to the nominee, but he cannot sell them for 1 year.

In this way the lock-in period is reduced from 3 years to 1 year in the event of the death of the investor.

Which is better NPS or ELSS

Although the tax benefit in NPS is ₹2 lakh per annum, of which ₹1.5 lakh is available under section 80C and ₹50000 under section 80CCD(1)B.

The maturity period of NPS is when the investor attains the age of 60 years, whereas the maturity period of ELSS is only 3 years.

Over a long period of time, the risk in ELSS gets reduced, and the compounding policy also gives good returns.

Top 5 Best ELSS Fund in 2021

While choosing an ELSS fund, it should be reviewed on various parameters, only then one should be selected.

The decision should be taken based on the financial goals of an individual and his risk taking ability.

Here in the table below is a list of some of the best performing ELSS Funds, which have shown good returns over the years.




Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund



Axis Long Term Equity Fund



Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund



Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Fund



Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund



Important notice- The figures in the above list are for your information only. Investors are advised to invest only after collecting the necessary information from their level before investing, considering their financial goals, risk appetite and returns.

Is ELSS safe: Is investing in ELSS funds safe?

If your objective is only to save tax then it is advisable not to invest in ELSS as ELSS is actually a part of equity scheme.

So one should always keep in mind that equity schemes can be risky. However, with the shortest lock-in period as well as tax savings and long-term investment, this fund can deliver much higher returns than other savings schemes.

While choosing an ELSS, one should invest only after considering its risk, lock in period and returns of previous years.

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E-KYC has become very important in today’s time like if you want to open your bank account then you need ekyc for that, or if you want to get pan card then ekyc is required. So we can say that doing ekyc helps you in many things.

In this blog we are going to talk about ekyc, what is ekyc and how to get it done etc. so that you can get help to get ekyc done.

What is KYC

The full form of KYC is- Know Your Customer. It simply means- Know your customer.

It is a process in which a financial or other institution obtains information about the identity of its customer, his address or his age, date of birth, etc.

He also verifies these information through statutory certificates. This process of identifying the customer is called KYC.

What is eKYC

e-KYC Means : Electronic Know Your Customer

It can be understood in this way that the process of authenticating your customer’s identity in a digital or electronic way is called e-KYC.

In this, the process of customer identification is accomplished with the help of digital or electronic devices instead of paper certificates.

e-KYC Aadhar card based is a paperless process, What you must do before investing in mutual funds, Otherwise you will not be able to invest in mutual funds.

For investing in mutual funds e-KYC process of

Before investing in mutual funds, you have to complete the KYC process. You can do this either offline or online.

If you want to know about Mutual Funds then detailed information about it what is mutual fund, and how to invest in, is told through the article.

You can do e-KYC for investing in mutual funds from the website of CAMS Kra or iciciprudential. But while doing KYC with CAMS Kra, there is a restriction that you have to invest in any fund at the same time.

These restrictions are not comfortable for a new investor.

So today we will understand the process of e-KYC from ICICI Mutual Fund website; Because it does not require investment along with doing KYC.

Online e-KYC Required forms to be kept ready for

  1. mobile number
  2. E mail ID
  3. Mobile or laptop computer with camera for taking photos
  4. PAN card scanned image
  5. Scanned image of front and back of Aadhar card

E-KYC process steps

  1. In your mobile or computer browser, type- ICICIPRUAMC.COM/ONLINE-KYC


  1. When the online KYC page opens, first type your name.
  2. Enter E-mail ID, OTP comes on this E-mail ID.
  3. Enter your PAN number.
  4. Enter your 10 digit mobile number.
  5. Tick ​​the check box, and then click or type the Get OTP mark.


  1. Click on Choose File to upload ID Proof like PAN Card. And upload the already scanned image.
  2. As soon as the PAN is uploaded, the photo and its details will appear, which you should check carefully. If the information is correct, go to Next.
  3. Upload the front and back images of the Aadhar card for proof of address as per the procedure given above.
  4. Check Aadhar card details if it needs some correction; So you can correct that too.

Process of e-KYC continue

  1. Tick ​​the box for Term & Condition and go to the next step.
  2. All your information will be displayed on the next page; Check it out carefully.
  3. Select some other information like Address Type (Residential / Business) etc. and Annual Income etc., and proceed further.
  4. In the next step, select the details of Fatca etc. and go to the next step.
  5. Upload the scanned image of your signature on plain paper; And tick on Term & Condition.
  6. In the last step of e-KYC you have to upload your photo and video; For which click on face image. After clicking the photo a number will be displayed on the screen; Who has to speak in front of the camera. Thus this step is completed and a thank you message is received.
  7. After completing this process of e-KYC KYC Form Screen A page of . From where the link of Normal e-sign or Aadhar e-sign appears. In which you can complete this process through OTP by entering the details of Aadhaar.

How e-KYC is more simple and useful

  1. In online KYC, the entire process is completed in a very short time; Whereas the offline process sometimes takes 2 to 4 weeks.
  2. You do not need to collect paper certificates for e-KYC. This makes it easy for the customers as well as the service provider company. It works only with Aadhar card.
  3. Normally collecting a lot of records in KYC leads to unnecessary expenditure of money; Whereas in e-KYC this process is completed without any extra cost.
  4. We do not have to manually fill in the information because of the autofill feature; Which takes less time. Autofill also prevents type errors; Because all the information is taken automatically.

Dr. About Bhimrao Ambedkar today the whole of India is the creator of the Indian Constitution, was a great social reformer and a great leader. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Dr. BR Ambedkar was the first Law Minister of independent India and the builder of the Republic of India.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar ji has made many struggles in his life to provide equal opportunities to the downtrodden class Dr. Ambedkar’s inspirational thoughts inspired many youth and following his ideals and ideas, the lives of many youths changed.

Basically in this blog we are Dr. We are going to know about some important quotes of Bhimrao Ambedkar ji which can inspire you a lot.

Priceless Thoughts of Bhimrao Ambedkar Dr. BR Ambedkar Quotes in Hindi

I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.

Dr. Ambedkar

I measure the progress of a community by the degree to which women in that community have achieved.

Dr. Ambedkar

Those who can never make history forget their history.

Dr. Ambedkar

Religion is for man and not man for religion.

Dr. Ambedkar

The development of intelligence should be the ultimate goal of human existence.

Dr. Ambedkar

Education is the milk of a lioness and if you drink it, roaring will come.

It is better to follow the path shown by me than to do a car in my name.

Dr. Ambedkar

Don’t live to look good, live to be good.

Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. B R Ambedkar Slogan

He who can bow down can also bow down.

Dr. Ambedkar

Get educated stay organized and fight.

Dr. Ambedkar

Those who can never make history forget their history.

Depression is the most dangerous disease that can affect the lives of people.

Dr. Ambedkar

The religion which by birth declares one superior and the other inferior is not a religion but a conspiracy to keep it a slave.

Dr. Ambedkar

A great man differs from an eminent man in such a way that he is ready to become a servant of the society.

Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. Ambedkar’s priceless thoughts 

The religion which by birth declares one superior and the other inferior is not a religion but a conspiracy to keep it a slave.

Education is the milk of a lioness and if you drink it, the roar will come.

Dr. Ambedkar

Circumstances are never the problem, the problem is when we don’t know how to deal with the situation.

Dr. Ambedkar

No one can stop my country from becoming a superpower on the day the long queues of people going to the temple move towards the library.

Dr. Ambedkar

Life should be big and great instead of being long.

Dr. Ambedkar

It is better to walk on the path shown by me than to shout at me.

Dr. Ambedkar

Inspirational thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar Bhimrao Ambedkar Motivational Quotes

The biggest punishment for not participating in politics is that an unqualified person starts ruling you.

Dr. Ambedkar

The biggest punishment for not participating in politics is that an unqualified person starts ruling you.

Unless you achieve social freedom, whatever freedom the law gives you is meaningless.

Dr. Ambedkar

Constitution is not just a document of lawyers but it is a medium of life.

Dr. Ambedkar

Just as a plant needs water, in the same way an idea also needs propagation or else both wither and die.

Dr. Ambedkar

We are Indians first and last.

Dr. Ambedkar

Ambedkar Quotes

Those who suffer injustice are more guilty than those who do injustice.

Dr. Ambedkar

A secure army is better than a secure frontier.

Dr. Ambedkar

For a successful revolution, it is not enough just to have discontent, it also requires a deep faith in justice and political and social rights.

Dr. Ambedkar

With the development of the country, diseases have also increased a lot as we know, but to give you some relief, the government also gives you some options, basically we are going to talk about health insurance in today’s time. Know about and many people are also taking advantage of it, so if your planning is also to take health insurance then this blog is for you.

Basically in this blog we will know about some things related to health insurance whether you should take health insurance or not, if you should take it then why should you take it etc.

What is health insurance

A health insurance policy is financial protection; Which helps keep you and your family safe from the risk of a medical emergency.

When you are unwell, your health policy takes care of all your treatment concerns; so that you can be worry free.

Health Insurance how many types

#1 accident cover

This protection cover is available in case of serious injury or disability in an accident.

In this a lump sum amount is available which is useful to you at the time of accident.

This insurance is available at very low cost; There is also an option to get monthly or lump sum amount.

#2 critical illness cover

It includes about 25 serious diseases like cancer, tumor, heart attack etc.

If you have taken a critical illness cover of Rs.25 lakh; So the company will pay the full 2500000 and you can spend it according to you.

#3 mediclaim policy

This is a holistic health policy; In which hospitalization expenses for more than 1 day hospitalization and the cost of medicines after that are also included.

This includes all the expenses of medicines, hospital and doctor.

Health Insurance Plan why should you take

If there is life then there is a world, health is a thousand blessings, or a healthy mind is made in a healthy body; All these things simply mean that our health is our greatest asset.

Only if we remain healthy will we be able to meet all future economic or social needs.

Our savings will be of use to us only if our health is good; Otherwise all our investment may be exhausted in a few days.

Therefore, before all investments, we must take a good health insurance plan.

Health Insurance how much should cover

It depends on a lot of reasons; Like how old are you; What is your family’s illness record?

What is the nature of your work? As if your job is not associated with any danger.

What is your income and what is your standard of living.

A normal person should take a health policy of ₹ 500000 on taking the policy personally.

Same if we talk about family plan; So for a family with two adults and two children, it is recommended to take a plan from ₹5 to ₹10 lakh.

Apart from this, you can take health insurance for about 50% of your annual income.

If you have parents etc. senior citizens in your family; So in such a situation a separate plan should be taken for them.

Adding these along with the family plan increases the premium for the entire family; Because the insurance risk of senior citizens is high.

Benefits of health insurance (Health Insurance)

1: Saves your savings in case of emergency

It helps you in case of any medical emergency with you or your family.

Nowadays hospital expenses have become quite expensive; In such a situation, health insurance does not allow your savings to end.

2: Cashless Treatment

Most of the companies get cashless treatment due to tie-up with the hospital; And there is no need to wander here and there for cash money.

3 : Availability of top up plan

You can increase the sum insured of your policy for less money by taking a top-up plan of health insurance offered by your company; Which can cover the expenses on critical illness etc., if required.

4: Lower premium at a young age

One of the benefits of getting health insurance at a young age is that the premiums are low; Along with this, more diseases are covered in it.

As one gets older; The risk of diseases increases; Along with this the premium also increases.

5: Benefit of Income Tax Rebate

Health Insurance On taking it, tax exemption of ₹ 25000 is available under section 80D of Income Tax; This exemption is available on opting for the old slab of income tax.

6 : Other facilities

Nowadays, many facilities are being offered in health insurance; such as maternity charges, day-care charges or viral diseases that do not require the patient to be admitted; Such diseases are also covered in it.

Correct Health Insurance Policy how to select

1» Family plan or individual plan

First of all, decide what is your requirement.

You can opt for a policy for a single member of the household or for the entire family.

2» Must Check Claim Settlement Ratio

While taking health insurance, you must check the claim settlement ratio of that company, which company has settled what percentage of the claim so far.

Generally, companies with a claim settlement ratio of more than 85% are considered good.

3» tie up with local hospital

Health Insurance Company Whether the company has a tie-up with a local hospital; This must be checked; So that you can get immediate help in case of emergency.

4» cashless treatment

While taking the policy also check with which company the facility of cashless treatment is available in the hospital near you; So that you can get help immediately.

5» Pre and post hospitalization expenses also included

Pre and post hospitalization means that; How many days before and for how many days after hospitalization is being covered in the policy.

A good policy is one which covers the expenses of 30 days prior to the hospitalization of the patient; and covers the cost of medicines and tests, etc., from 90 to 180 days after discharge from the hospital.

6» How much is the No Claim Bonus giving

Many health insurance companies offer a certain amount of bonus as a no claim bonus.

This offer can be in the form of full body checkup or any other free diagnostic.

The insurance company can also increase your insurance cover as a no claim bonus. Therefore, before taking insurance, make sure to also know about the no claim bonus.

7» Co-pay not an option

Make sure to check whether your health insurance policy covers the cost of private beds etc.

Some companies offer Co-Pay option; This means that out of the expenses of private wards etc., 10 or 20% will have to be borne by the insured.

These types of expenses can be difficult for you; or break your budget; Therefore, avoid taking a health insurance policy with such a condition.

8» day care facility

There are many diseases or surgeries etc. which do not require hospitalization.

In such a situation, health insurance companies refuse to come in payment.

So make sure that the facility of day care must be included in the policy.

Your health insurance premium should be affordable; Also check whether your policy covers cosmetic problems in its plan.

The health insurance policy should also have flexibility; Also, ambulance charges etc. should also be included in the policy.

Major companies selling health insurance policies

  • LIC Health Insurance
  • SBI Health Insurance
  • United India Health Insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance
  • Care Health Insurance
  • Bharat Aksa Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokyo

Health Insurance Policy where to buy

At present, health policies are available at wholesale rates in the market; But it should be taken only after selecting a good policy.

Make sure to compare more than one policy available in the market to choose the best policy.

policybazaar.com You can compare plans of more than 25 companies available in the market to choose the best policy for yourself.

Apart from this, the policy provider mentioned above can also take online policy by logging in directly to the company’s website.

If you don’t find yourself comfortable online; So you can also buy it through an agent by visiting the nearest health insurance company’s office.

Term Insurance As we know that this is the form of life insurance. By this your family gets financial protection. Whose nominee gets the entire amount during the death of the insured person.

Generally people think of term insurance as general insurance. While there is a fundamental difference between these two.

Through today’s article, you will be given detailed information about what is term insurance, when and how to take it, and what are its benefits?

What Is Term Insurance 

Term insurance is the most effective and simplest option to take life insurance.

Term insurance is also a type of life insurance, which provides financial protection cover for a certain period or for a specific ‘term’.

It provides financial security to the family of the insured in the absence of the insured.

Term insurance plan is the purest form of insurance policy.

In this, the person taking the insurance keeps paying the premium for a specified period.

If the insured dies during this stipulated period, the sum assured or the sum assured is paid to his/her nominee.

If even after the expiry of this period the insured remains healthy and does not die; So nothing is received in return for the premium paid.

Important Points Of Term Insurance

It can be taken by any person from minimum 18 years to maximum 65 years.

It is the freedom to choose. You can choose it singly or jointly as per your convenience.

In this, the option of paying premium is available.

You can choose to do this as a lump sum or at regular intervals like monthly, half-yearly or yearly.

Its premium amount depends on the age of the insured and the amount of insurance taken by him.

term insurance(Term Insurance) how much should be taken

It is advisable to take term insurance for an amount of 20 times the annual income of an individual.

For example, the annual income of a person is ₹ 5 lakh; So he should get term insurance of 500000 X 20 i.e. total 1 crore.

At what age to buy term insurance

Term Insurance The ideal age to buy is considered to be 30 years.

By this age, responsibilities start coming on any person. becomes a source of income for him; His financial condition gets better.

By that time they are planning to build a family or buy a house.

As you get older, the insurance premium also goes down.

As people age, their health starts deteriorating. In this case, the risk of the insurance company increases; And with increasing age the premium also increases.

The most important thing about term insurance is that its premium remains the same from beginning to end.

Hence, the sooner you take insurance, the lower will be your premium.

You can know your premium with the help of Term Insurance Calculator.

Benefits Of Term Insurance 

There are some benefits that differentiate term insurance from general insurance-

1- The option of getting the sum assured as monthly income is available with the nominee of the insured.

2- There is facility to take joint policy in this, husband and wife can take term insurance jointly.

3- There is a facility to create more than one nominee in term insurance; In this, the sum insured can be divided as a percentage among all the nominees.

4- Benefit of accident cover, facility of critical illness cover and facility of terminal illness cover can be added as a rider.

These riders are low priced but very important ones which are included with the term plan itself.

5- There are also plans with premium refund facility, in which the principal deposited by you is returned at the end of maturity.

Who Should Take Term Insurance 

Generally people consult an agent to get insurance; And he can confuse you about this.

If it is necessary to have insurance for all your family members, he advises as follows; So that’s not correct.

Term insurance should be taken by only the person who is the main earner in the family and the rest of the family members are dependent on him.

In the absence of the most prominent person in the family, how will the other members of the family be fed?

In such a situation Term Insurance The money received from this will help in completing all the necessary tasks of the family.

for example- Some 25 year old young man who is not married yet and his parents are also in good financial condition.

In such a situation, because there is no dependent on that young man and unfortunately even if he is not there, no financial crisis is going to come on the family; That’s why term insurance is not recommended for that young man.

Similarly, if both husband and wife are the earners in a family, then both the people should take term insurance jointly.

Simply put, if you are the sole breadwinner in your family;

So your term insurance protects you against financial loss to family members if you are unfortunately not there; and provides financial security to the family.

What to keep in mind while buying Term Insurance Plan 

Your life cover must be big enough that in your absence all your liabilities like loans etc. and all future goals are met.

There are some other aspects of the term plan which need to be taken care of.

If these are not taken care of, then your claim may get rejected and it will prove to be another big blow to your family.

Some things that must be kept in mind while taking term insurance-

Give accurate information about yourself

Trust is the basis of insurance.

If the insurance company finds that you have given incorrect information in the form, it will reject your claim.

For example, a smoker should not tick the non-smoker category; Because there is some difference in the premium of both.

Similarly, even if you hide the information about genetic diseases etc., the claim is not received.

Do a medical test

Term insurance is a very high value insurance cover.

In such a situation, in general, companies conduct medical tests.

If a company only asks you to fill out a declaration about your health, it is possible that your claim may be in jeopardy.

Because then the company can get excuses for rejecting the claim.

Don’t just look at low premiums

You may miss out on other benefits by opting for a term plan with the cheapest premium.

It may also happen that the claim settlement history of that company is very bad.

In such a situation, instead of low premium, the company should choose a policy after looking at the company’s good record of claim settlement and other facilities like accident insurance, critical illness etc.

Be sure to pay attention to the term of the policy

How many days should be the policy term or till what age should it be.

In response to this, it can be said that you must take an insurance cover when you are relieved of your main responsibilities, or in general till the age of 60-65 years.

Choose the right mode of premium payment

Term Insurance After taking the plan, try not to miss out on paying its premium.

For this, the option of online mode like ECS or e-mandate can be opted.

Or the premium can be added to the biller of your bank account through net banking.

With these methods, the premium amount will automatically be deducted from your bank and deposited in time.