Google adsense as we know is considered to be a much better way of monetization but for some reason if your website is not getting approval of Google Adsense then you do not need to panic.

Because in this blog you will be told the best alternatives of Google Adsense, so that you will be able to earn good, although it will not be better than Google Adsense but will not be less than that so by definition you can use them.

Ad Networks to be used with Google AdSense

To double the earning of your blog, you can approve the best program for yourself in the blog from the ad network given below and do it with Adsense. use can do. If Google AdSense is approved in your blog, then you can use these ad networks and can use it as an alternative to Adsense even if there is no AdSense approval.


Media.net is the second largest ad network after Google AdSense. This Yahoo! There is a contextual network created by Bing, which provides service to a large extent like AdSense. Forbes, CNN, ELLE, MSN Like popular websites also use Media.net ads.

You can also use media.net ads in your blog along with AdSense. First of all you have to get approval of media.net in your blog and it is only Gives approval only on English language blog. If you have a Hindi blog, then you will not get approval in it.

Payout: $100 (Paypal/ Wire)


If there is a lot of traffic on your blog, then I would recommend you with Adsense. BuySellAds use to. Other ad networks pay you on the basis of CPC or CPM, but here you get money for direct advertising.

Getting approval of BuySellAds is even more difficult than Google Adsense. If you have more visitors on your blog then you get quick approval here and you can earn more than Adsense by this.

Payout: $20 (Paypal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire Transfer)


Infolinks is also a great option to use with Adsense. Infolinks is a text link ad program and is known for its smart ads. It is very easy to get approval and setup your ads in this. Once setup, Infolinks will automatically start showing ads on your blog.

Infolinks shows you InText, InTag, InFrame ads. By scanning your content in InText ads, match ad shows above the most valuable keywords. InFrame ad shows on the empty space in the left and right side of your blog.

If your blog has good traffic, especially from countries like US and UK, then you can earn well from Infolinks.

Payout: $50 (Paypal, Wire, eCheck)


Chitika is also a contextual ad network like Adsense, meaning it shows ads according to the content of your site. Chitika is a very popular ad network that shows you high-quality ads even in low traffic. You can also use it with Adsense.

Getting approval on Chitika is very easy even for a new blogger. Here also you can create ad units of different size like Adsense, apart from this you can also use Intext ads, Hover ads and highlight ads.

Payout: $50 (Payoneer)


AdNow is a good option by which you can earn money by using it with Adsense. It provides native ads in your blog, due to which you earn well. Its approval process is very simple and other regional language blogs can also join this ad network.

If you are a new blogger and your blog does not have much traffic, you can still use this network. It is quite simple to use and the best is its payment system. You can withdraw payment from it every 7 days after crossing the payment threshold.

Payout: $20 (Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer)

Note: If you also use other ad networks with google adsense, then users do not get a good experience due to which your adsense account can be suspended.

After taking adsense approval, you have to create ad units in your website and put them in the blog i.e. it is up to your belief that where more clicks can come in your website, then in this blog you will be told that you How to create ad units for your website and put them on your blog.

how to create adsense ad unit

If you are a beginner then you can generate Adsense Ad unit by following the steps given below.

1. First of all sign in to your AdSense account.

2. Now from the menu which is in the left panel, “My AdsClick on ” and from the option which will come below it”Ad UnitsClick on “.

3. Here you+ New Ad UnitClick on the button of “.

4. After that 3 options will come in front of you like the screenshot given below, from here you have to select what kind of ad you want to put in your blog.

As a new user, from here you Text & display ads To SELECT To do.

Text & Display ads

5. Now a new page will open in front of you where you can configure the Ad unit for your blog.

* Name Inside you can give any name of Ad unit like oyepandeyji sidebar unit.

* Ad size You can listen to which Dimension (Length & Breadth) Ad you want to put on your blog.
Here Recommended By clicking on the drop down menu, you can create any size in the Ad unit such as Horizontal banner, Vertical banner, Rectgular, Responsive, Custom size and Link ads.

If you do not know about these ad sizes then Responsive Select the ad size which is the default.

Responsive ad gets adjusted according to the amount of space available in your blog and such ads are also mobile friendly.

Create Ad Unit

* Ad type Under the drop down menu, you will find 3 types of ad types,
– Text & display ads
– Display ads only
– Text ads only

here i would recommend you Text & display ads Choose this one, because in this way you get more CPC from ads and can earn more.

* Text ad style In the option of, you can customize the background color and text color of the ads according to your blog template, so that your ads can get more clicks.

* After customizing all the options “Save and Get CodeClick on the button of “.

6. Now the code of the Ad unit will be displayed in front of you and you can enter this code copy do it.

You can show advertisements by pasting the copied ad code in your blog or website.

how to put ads in blogger blog

Mainly advertisement is placed inside the header, sidebar and article of a blog. If you have bloh on Blogspot and you want to place ad. So you can place Ad on your blog by following the steps given below.

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • from here you Layout got into.
  • Where you want to place the ad, such as in the sidebar or in the header, then given there “Add a Gadget” Click on
  • Now the popup that will open in front of you, from there you can HTML/JavaScript Click on the option.
  • Here paste the code of the copied ad unit in the content box and SAVE Click on the button.
  • Finally Save arrangement Click on the button.
Blogger Blog Me Ads Kaise Lagaye

It takes some time to activate the Ad unit, that is why you open your blog after 15-20 minutes, advertisement will be displayed in your blog.

If you want to show ads inside the article of your blog, then you have to open every post and add it to your post. HTML You have to manually place the ad unit code by going to the section.

While blogging, this thought definitely comes in everyone’s mind that whether their website or blog will get AdSense approval or not, especially for new bloggers, then this blog has been written specifically on this topic to tell you in depth that you Google How to get 100% approval of Adsense in your website or blog

How To Get Adsense Account Approved

You must know that for Adsense approval in countries like India, Pakistan, your blog should be 6 months old (As per Adsense Guideline). But just within 1 month I started my blog has been approved by Adsense.

How have I worked on this blog for 1 month and what are the tips you have to follow on your blog? Google Adsense To get approval of.

1- Use Custom Domain

I have created this blog on Blogspot. First of all, I bought the domain (oyepandeyji.com) from Bigrock and after creating a blog on Blogspot, setup a custom domain in it.

If you have a blog in Blogspot, then first you go to your blog. custom domain make use of. Because with this you get Adsense approval quickly on your blog and the Adsense account you get is a non-hosted Adsense account.

Read this post for more details: AdSense Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Account

You Godaddy, bigrock You can buy domain for your blog at cheap price from other websites and add Custom Domain to your Blogspot Blog.

Note- Always like .com, .in, .org, .net top level domain make use of.

But if you use free domain or sub-domain like .tk, .ga, .xyz then your Adsense will not be approved.

How many months old should the domain be before applying for Adsense?

My domain (oyepandeyji.com) is just 2 months old and I have got Adsense approval on it. Adsense was approved on my other blog within 1 month. There is no particular day after which you apply for Adsense. According to me, if you have high quality content, then you will get approval even on 10 days old domain.

2- Create Important Pages

After creating a blog, it is necessary to have some important pages in it such as About us, Contact us, Disclaimer And Privacy Policy page. These pages show that you are a professional and you are working according to the policies of Google.

Online you will find many such websites from where you can create all these pages for the blog. Many times the blog gets the approval of Adsense even without all these pages. But it depends on your luck.

3- Choose Right Topic

Blogger does not give much importance to the topic, whereas to get approved in Adsense, you should choose the right topic. When I started blogging, Adsense approval was not received on my first 2 blogs because I did not choose the right topic.

You try to create a blog related to Education, Health or Technology, on which you will get the approval of Adsense soon.

Which type of blog should not be made?

  • Movies, Song downloading site,
  • Games downloading site,
  • Mobile specification, feature blog,
  • Cricket matches (Score),
  • Festival wishes & quotes Blog,

Or do not create such a blog on which you are not able to write new content.

Apart from this, do not create blogs or content related to Pornography / Adult materials, Pirated Content, Hacking or Cracking Tutorials, Illegal Drugs, Any Other Illegal Stuff.

4- Write Original/ Unique Content

Most bloggers fail to follow this tip, due to which Adsense is not approved on their blog.

Whatever article or post you write, it should be original and unique, meaning your content has not been copied from anyone. Most new bloggers make a new post by copying a little bit of content from other blogs, so that Google easily catches them and does not approve those blogs.

Along with the original content, the post should have proper headings and sub-headings, there should be no grammar and spelling mistakes, the post should be useful and informative.

To check the originality of the content in your blog Copyscape Plagiarism Tool make use of.

If you do not know how to write good unique content, then you can never be successful in blogging.

5- Number Of Posts

How many posts should be there before applying for Google AdSense?

There is no specific answer to this, it depends on the length of your content.

If you write a post of 300 words then there should be minimum 25 to 30 posts in your blog. If you write an article of 500+ words, then there should be 20 to 25 posts in your blog and 15 posts with more than 800-1000 words will have to be written.

When I got Adsense approval, there were only 15 posts on my blog and the length of each post was 800 to 1000 words.

The more words you write, the more your chances of getting Adsense approved on your blog will increase. Otherwise your AdSense will be disapproved due to insufficient content.

6- Supported Language

Adsense does not support all languages. You in India English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil And Urdu By creating a blog in the language, you can approve it through Adsense. But if you create a blog in any other Indian languages ​​(Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati etc) then you will not get Adsense approval in it.

7- Do not use Copyright Image

There should not be a copyrighted image of another site on your blog, especially by downloading any photo from Google Image and do not use it in your blog. Otherwise your AdSense application will be rejected.

on my blog pexels.com, pixabay.com I use royalty free image from such site. Also Photoshop and Canva.com I create an image through it and use it in the blog.

8- Blog Design (Responsive Theme)

For AdSense approval, it is very important for your blog to be simple and professional in design. For this, use the right Theme / Template in your blog which is responsive and mobile friendly.

Along with using a good theme, it will also have to be customized properly. Most new bloggers are not able to customize their theme well, due to which the design of the blog is not good.

  • A well-designed blog should have all these features:
  • Theme’s design should be simple or white background.
  • Make sure to create a favicon and logo for the blog.
  • Navigation is good.
  • Do not use unnecessary widgets.
  • Set the menu properly.
  • On opening any link, the error does not come.
  • Blog should have fast loading speed.

If your blog also has all these features, then now you can apply your blog for AdSense approval.

9- Remove other Ad networks

If you also like other Ad Network Revenuehits, Popads, Bidvertiser, Chitika If you are using ads, then before applying for Adsense, remove those ads from your blog.

Adsense allows some ad programs to show ads with it and does not support some ad networks. So, remove all the ads from your blog when you are applying for AdSense and until you get a reply from Adsense.

10- Blog Traffic

Although there is no guideline regarding traffic in AdSense approval, but when I applied my blog for Adsense, then 100+ traffic was coming to my blog. But according to me, even if 50+ traffic is coming to your blog, you can still apply for Adsense approval.

Most important, where is the traffic coming from on your blog?

If you are using paid traffic or getting traffic from any illegal source, then your AdSense application will be rejected. Try your blog on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) and more and more traffic came from Google search (organic).

AdSense Approval Tips FAQ

Does Adsense get disapproved when you transfer a custom domain to WordPress?

If you are using custom domain in Blogger like example.com then Adsense is not disapproved when you transfer to WordPress.

Can I monetize YouTube channel and blog with one Adsense account?

Yes, you can monetize by adding a blog to a YouTube channel with the same Adsense account.

What does the AdSense Sign Up button mean in Blogger?

Usually the AdSense Sign Up button appears when you have published 8 to 10 posts on your blog. But it is wrong to understand that this means that your blog is AdSense ready.


Now apply your blog for Adsense. if you have all these Google adsense approval tips If you have created your blog by following this, then I give you 100% guarantee that your blog will be AdSense approved.

Adsense is a very good way to monetize websites or youtube channel, in today’s time many people are able to earn very good money sitting at home with its help. So if you do not know how to earn money from Adsense or what is Adsense, then you are in the right place, in this blog you will be told what is Adsense and how it works, also we will know how you can make money from it. can earn


What is Google Adsense?

AdSense is an Ad Network from Google that helps website, Youtube and Android App owners to earn money by displaying relevant ads.

This advertising platform was launched by Google in 2003. It is currently the most popular ad network and more than 14 million websites are using it.

  • Publishers: Those who make money using AdSense ads.
  • Advertisers: Those who pay Google to show ads.

Ex: If you are seeing Hostgator ad on my blog, then Hostgator is the advertiser and I am the publisher.

What are the Benefits of Google Adsense?

  • It provides a high level of security, reliability and transparency for both publishers and advertisers.
  • The big advantage of Adsense is that you do not have to sell anything here. A website or a blog containing enough information is enough to make money on Adsense.
  • Advertisers can run text, images, HTML ads, video ads and ads of many different sizes according to their needs.
  • As a publisher, you can experiment with different ad types and find out which one is generating the most revenue.
  • AdSense also has the facility of auto ads, once it is setup, where will the ads be placed on your blog, it is managed by Adsense itself.
  • Google Adsense provides a higher percentage (68% Revenue) to the publisher than any other web site.

How does AdSense work?

Basically AdSense works as a mediator between the publisher and the advertiser. It provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content.

AdWords and AdSense are two different advertising platforms offered by Google.

  • AdWords (Google Ads): for Advertisers and
  • AdSense: is for publishers.

Google Ads allows people to advertise on Google search engine, blogs, website, YouTube, Android apps.

Advertisers use Google Ads to gain targeted traffic to their website, so that they can promote their product and generate more sales.

According to their product, advertisers bid on some targeted keywords and pay some amount per click to Google.

At the same time, publisher websites set some space for Google ads. Here AdSense shows ads on your site based on your content and visitors.

Whenever a user clicks on one of these ads, the website owner will receive 68% ad revenue for that click.

If the average bid for a keyword is $1, then the webmaster gets 68 cents and Google keeps 22 cents.

The job of AdSense is to keep track of the number of clicks per day, to check whether you have reached the minimum threshold, and to pay you your earned payment based on the clicks.

How does Google Adsense Pay?

Once you have earned the first dollar from Google AdSense, you must be wondering how you will be paid.

Adsense you check through or wire transfer sends payment through

When your earnings reach above $100, Google AdSense releases your payment.

Before receiving any payment from Adsense, will verify your address by sending an envelope with a confirmation code once your AdSense account is $10.

When does Adsense pay?

Usually on the 2nd (Blog & App) and 11th (YouTube) of every month, your last month’s earning gets updated.

If your earning is more than $100, then your payment is released on 21st of the same month. Which reaches your bank account within 3 to 7 days.

Know how to link your bank account with AdSense?

On the other hand, if you want to take payment from Cheques, then those checks may take 20 to 25 days to reach your address and 5 to 10 days in clarence.

That’s why most people prefer wire transfer or EFT.

Conclusion (Google Adsense in Hindi)

It would not be wrong to say that Adsense has changed the lives of many people. Many people are earning lakhs of rupees from Adsense from Blog, from YouTube or by making Apps.

If you do not have an AdSense account, first decide on which platform you want to use it (Blogging, Youtube, Android Apps).

In this post complete guide to earn money on Youtube with Adsense.

  • You publish valuable content on your website or YouTube.
  • Do not try any illegal methods to bring more visitors.
  • Always take care of the visitors, do not show too many ads.
  • Stay updated about all the policy changes of Google.
google adsense As we know that there is a very best way to monetize your website and earn money but many people do not know about its last step due to which they have problem in making payment, so basically in this blog We are going to talk about how you can recieve payment through google adsense or how to transfer your payment to your bank account.
* What is the difference between AdSense Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Account

Earlier Adsense used to transfer the money earned by you through Check (issued by Citibank) to you. But now Google AdSense in India transfers the money earned from Adsense to your bank account through wire transfer. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment was added for the first time in August 2014. The money sent through Adsense gets converted into INR and gets updated in your bank.

How to Transfer AdSense Payment to Bank

The payout limit of Google AdSense is $100, that is, in the month your Adsense account will get paid more than $100, then you can withdraw that money. But to transfer this money to your bank account, you have to follow the process given below.

YouTube payment gets updated in Adsense between 10th to 15th of every month. Meaning if you have earned $ 30 from YouTube this month, then that money will show in Adsense within 10 to 15th of the next month. But the money you earn in blogging is updated daily in Adsense.

The month in which your Adsense will get paid above $100, only then send that money on 21st of that month and that money will be transferred to your bank account within 24th to 29th.

Before receiving payment, it is necessary to get the pin verification of Adsense done. When you get $10 in your Adsense account, then Google sends a pin to your given address, which you have to verify by entering it in Adsense.

The payment of Google Adsense will be transferred to your bank account only when you link your bank account with Adsense.

How to link your bank account with Adsense?

After following the steps given below, you can easily link your bank account with Google Adsense.

Note- Before starting this process, you should go to your bank and check your bank account. IFSC code And SWIFT code collect.

After collecting both these codes from the bank, you can add them to your Adsense account. Sign in do it.

– There will be a navigation panel on the left side of the Adsense account dashboard Payments Click on option.

Now a new page will open in front of you, where above will show your earning and below How you get paid The option of will appear as on the screenshot. here you ADD PAYMENT METHOD to click on.

How you get paid

– as soon as you ADD PAYMENT METHOD A form will open in front of you, as you can see below. Here you have to fill your bank details.

1- Enter your name as in the passbook of the bank.
2- Fill the name of the bank, that is, in which bank you have an account.
3- Enter IFSC code.
4- Enter the SWIFT BIC code. (Collect both these codes from the bank)
5- Fill the account number of the bank.
6- Re-type the account number.

After filling up these 6 bank details in this form, you SAVE Click on

Add Bank details in payment method

After completing this process, your bank account has been submitted to Google Adsense. As soon as you get $100 in your Adsense account, the money will automatically be transferred to your bank within 21st to 29th of every month.

If still there is no money transfer in your bank, then in that case you can contact your bank. Adsense will keep your payment on hold, and will send that money to you again on the 21st of the next month.

Out of the money you have earned, the bank will deduct your charges and update the entire money in your account.

Click below to see the whole process through video.

My first payment from Adsense was $107. Please tell in the comment how much payment you had withdrawn from Adsense for the first time.

If you have any question related to this topic, you can ask me in the comment below.

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